Understanding the basics of valuation webinar

  • 26 Mar 2019
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Understanding the basics of valuation webinar

Recently we had our first presentation of our Investor Masterclass series which we held in our Boardroom covering the topic “Understanding the basics of valuation”, so those that weren’t able to attend, we have uploaded a webinar of Mark Serry’s presentation.

The webinar covers four main questions:

1. How do you estimate what an investment worth? What makes investments go up and down? What does it mean to say that an investment is expensive, cheap or fair value? What factors impact on an asset’s value?
2. If you’re an investor, it’s critical you understand how to value different assets – what basis you use to work out what an asset is worth and understanding how other investors value their assets.
3. In this presentation, we’ll look at the different ways assets are valued across different asset classes. This is not just theory, so we will also highlight where reality differs from the text books.
4. We’ll also spend time looking at how to work out the assumptions in the current price of an asset and if the current price is overly optimistic or pessimistic.

There will 5 educational sessions and 3 market updates in 2019, we hope you find them of interest!

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact our office on (03) 9629 1100.