Confused by Cov19 Statistics?

  • 01 Apr 2020
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Confused by Cov19 Statistics?

While, we are aware that we are discussing a virus that has caused death and hardship, due to the concepts we address, the analysis may appear impersonal and uncaring. That is certainly not our intention, but a necessity in this case.

We hope the analysis is not too confusing or confronting and gives you are better understanding of the situation. Our calculations are only rough estimates, but they are vastly superior to the misleading way the numbers are currently being reported.

Based on our analysis, at this stage the numbers out of Australia look encouraging as compared to most other countries. That is not a suggestion that we relax, but there is reason to have some confidence that we will not end up like Italy or Spain.

Are you confused by the Cov19 statistics being reported? Please have a read of Intralink’s Head of Strategy Advice to hopefully make more sense of whats being reported:

As always please don’t hesitate to call or email your adviser if you have any queries.