Australia is Leading the World

  • 02 Apr 2020
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Australia is Leading the World

While we did not get a graph of the daily numbers we really want, which would allow us to track progression over time, we did at last get some numbers in terms of cases per tests.

There is an article in the financial review today saying that more than 244,000 tests had been performed across Australia, or almost 1000 tests per 100,000 people in the population, by the end of March. That is the highest rate per capita in the world.

More importantly for our analysis Australia’s positive test rate is the lowest in the world at 1.9% per cent, compared with 2.4% per cent in South Korea and 3.3% per cent in Canada. While there is going to be differences in who is tested across each country, most tests are done on the most likely people to have the virus, so don’t read this as 1.9% of the Australian population has the virus.

CountryConfirmed CasesDeathsDeaths/ Confirmed Cases
South Korea9,8771651.67%

Using updated numbers, based on our analysis yesterday it looks like countries with low death rates have low positive tests rate.

This is what we expected, as countries with a higher death rate (Reported Death Rate = Confirmed Deaths / Confirmed Cases), would most likely be due to there being many more cases in reality, than the confirmed cases suggest.

The main point is Australia is doing very well at this point relative to the rest of the world.

That is great news.