The Intralink Experience

The Intralink Experience

We believe that the foundation of a successful advisory experience is our passionate commitment to improving the lives of our clients.

We call this the Intralink experience. We’ve designed our independent, integrated business model to help us serve you better, and we’ve based it on the following guiding principles:

Clients First

At Intralink, it’s all about you the client – what kind of financial guidance you need, the specific goals you want to achieve in life, and the kind of plan that makes sense for you. We put your needs first at the centre of every recommendation and decision we make on your behalf.

True Team Approach

All Intralink clients experience a true team approach, understanding that each client and each situation is unique. You will have your primary adviser; a secondary adviser; an investment professional and an individual client service specialist allocated specifically to your account. You will have peace of mind knowing you are working with a team of experts who are putting their heads together to provide the best solutions for your needs, leaving you free to focus on the things that are most important to you.

Independent Thinking

Intralink is owned, managed and controlled by our employees. We never want a large corporate parent to influence the guidance we provide. Our independence allows us to focus entirely on developing a plan that’s unbiased, conflict-free and tailored to your unique circumstances.

Commission Free

We don’t get paid for selling specific investment products, so you never have to wonder if our recommendations are in our interests rather than yours. Freedom from the conflicts, limitations and pressures that many firms face allows us to provide unbiased advice that you can understand. Our competitive and transparent fees are always aligned to your interests.

Proactive Client Leadership

Few of life’s journeys are smooth, uneventful rides. Progress towards most worthwhile goals is often peppered with potholes and setbacks, so not all financial decisions are easy to make. With Intralink, you can rest assured we will be your constant guide – helping you avoid the pitfalls and ensuring you keep the correct course.

Thought Leaders

We didn’t find a better way by following the crowd. Because today’s world is complex and ever-changing, we’re always looking for ways to enhance the guidance and services we provide our clients – whether through more efficient technology, educational programs, or practical insights into real-world challenges. We’re thrilled to be leaders if it’s our clients who benefit!

The Right Resources

We’re big enough to bring substantial resources to bear in supporting all aspects of your financial life. We employ experts in both financial planning and investment management, leveraging their expertise and diverse perspectives to uncover opportunities on your behalf.

Understanding You

A better advisory experience starts with a strong personal connection. That’s why we begin by listening to you and learning about your individual circumstances. We’ll get to know you, understand how you define success, and find out what’s most important to you and your family.


As your wealth manager, we’ll translate your financial plan into manageable portions and then ensure that each one is implemented and brought to life. We’ll apply all the appropriate support to make sure that time doesn’t slip away while other pressures in your life distract you from managing your money and reaching your goals.

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